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Device Set Up

There are multiple Echo devices available for purchase… the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Auto, Echo Buds, Echo Studio, Echo Frames, Echo Flex… phew! Regardless of device, I can help with personalized set up. (and yes, I can help with Google devices also)

One-on-One User Training

Personalize your device to recognize your voice, configure privacy settings, set up favorites, and connect with lights, switches, thermostats, locks, and more. Learn which Alexa features are best suited for your every day needs.

Group Training

Gather a group of friends or neighbors for an Alexa training session. You’ll learn Echo device basics, how to use popular Alexa features, and we’ll finish off with the option to launch an Alexa Club within your community. Contact Heidi to schedule your group!

Small Business Voice 

Smart speakers are the fastest growing consumer technology of all time. The time is now to understand the value of voice, how to leverage voice technology as a marketing channel, and where it might make sense to create custom voice experiences to drive business.

Voice in Business

In 2020, 30% of web browsing and search will be screenless. There has been a 78% increase in the number of smart speakers in U.S. homes and auto manufacturers are adding voice assistants to upcoming car models. Voice is fast becoming the most natural channel to engage customers and allow them to engage back to your brand. Just as with previous transformations to digital websites, mobile apps and social media, every business needs a voice marketing strategy. Contact me to get started.



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