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How To Use Alexa

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Smart speakers and voice assistants are being adopted faster than any previous technology. Voice can be used at home, on a mobile device or in the car. In many ways voice makes life easier for individuals, and is a new channel for business. So where does one start?

I’m Heidi, an Amazon Alexa Champion and award-winning voice designer and developer. I offer Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant tips and trainings to help get the most from Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.


million Alexa devices sold

100 million Alexa devices

in-Person Training, Device Set Up, and Alexa Skill Design in Naples, FL

I help folks learn about voice assistant technology and how to use Amazon Echo devices and Alexa. I live in Naples, am the owner of a voice strategy & conversation design studio, and would love to help my local community use their voice!

Are you a full-time resident, or visiting Naples for the season? Schedule a one-on-one or group training session to learn how to use your Amazon Echo device and Alexa.

Are you a shop keeper, real estate agency or small business in town? Let’s meet to talk about leveraging voice apps to engage with your customers.

Are you a writer, UX designer or software developer? Let’s talk voiceAI side gigs.

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How to Use Alexa


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